McDonald’s Insists Its Sugar Decision Is a Big Deal It’s wrong. Follow up article from Mothers News… wonderful article the Breakaway Fitness Team had to share This seems to be a huge problem in our society… The quick lets get some food thrown down our throat type of mentality.. I mean who cares what we […]

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The Right Mindset

1. Be in the Right Mindset You have to know your why… why is accomplishing this goal important to you? ( MY WHY IS MY DAUGHTER AND FAMILY.. I HAVE PUT IT IN MY HEAD THAT THEY NEED ME AND I WONT EVER LET THEM DOWN). How will it ultimately improve your life? If you […]

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Summer Camp

Breakaway Fitness and Athletics has developed an all-star team of trainers, coaches and motivators to kick off summer athletics the right way! We have designed 6 major pillars of success. Building athletes from the ground up has been the focus of each and every one of our coaches. With so many small details being missed […]

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