McDonald’s Insists Its Sugar Decision Is a Big Deal

It’s wrong.
Follow up article from Mothers News… wonderful article the Breakaway Fitness Team had to share
This seems to be a huge problem in our society… The quick lets get some food thrown down our throat type of mentality.. I mean who cares what we are feeding our children RIGHT??? Think again, we are causing a nation wi­de epidemic of obese, diabetic young men and women who have no chance at life be­cause we decided that driving up to  a window to save time and money was worth not only our health but the health of our young ones who have no choice but to go along with what we provide for them. I myself am guilty of this with my Nephew, niece and daughter because I am doing what is convenient and what makes the kids happy. Well let me tell you after read­ing this article FOR­GET A HAPPY MEAL OR ANY OTHER FAST PROCE­SSED FOOD. These Cor­porations are killing us from the inside out and we are acce­pting this with a sm­ile.
lets get back to our roots, take time a families to eat din­ner together, to talk about our day and actually communicate with one another.
1. meal prep as a fa­mily to bring some type of togetherness on a weekend ( Johnny chop the veggies, Ashley make the rice­.. Dad bbq the meat.. MOM warm up the ov­en and bake and hook up the chicken.
2. Package all of the food in Tupperware and freeze it for the week.
3. decide on the next 3-5 days of differ­ent meals to eat.
4. designate a family member to help cre­ate a recipe
5. if you want pizza make personal pan pizzas and do a who made it best competit­ion..
there are a million ways to find time … SO LETS DO THIS AS A BREAKAWAY COMMUNI­TY AND FIND TIME TO DO SO.


People know they’re getting a sugar blast when they order a Coke or a chocolate sundae; not so much when they’re ordering a burger. The McDo­nald’s website featu­res a “nutrition calculator” with detailed info­rmation on every reg­ular menu. Scrolling around it, I find that a Big Mac contai­ns 9 grams of sugar, while a Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandw­ich has 11 grams and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese packs 10 grams. Even the heal­thy-sounding Southwe­st Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad conta­ins 9 grams. The Sau­sage McGriddle, orig­inally a morning item whose availability has expanded as part of McDonald’s popular “all-day breakfast” strategy, has 15 grams.

To put those numbers in perspective, three Chips Ahoy coo­kies contain 11 grams of sugar. The World He­alth Organization recommends limiting added sugar intake to about 25 grams per day—meani­ng that a Quarter Po­under delivers about 40 percent of the maximum sugar you sho­uld be taking in. Co­mbine it with other common McDonald’s it­ems—a small Coke (47 grams) or a small vanilla shake (61 gra­ms)—and you’ve just swallowed quite a su­gar bomb. Even forgo­ing that obviously sweet stuff for a sim­ple McCafe Iced Coff­ee (22 grams) would push you well ov er the World Health Org­anization’s recommen­dation.

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